Insurance and Trust

We offer advisory and litigation services in the fields of insurance and trust, which includes the assessment and advise on the allocation of contractual risk.  We also have vast knowledge and experience in general insurance, life insurance, and other insurance contracts.

LY Tayseng

Mr. Ly is an experienced business lawyer with demonstrated focus and expertise in the areas of Corporate, Banking, Securities, Merger and Acquisition, Mining and Energy, Real Estate, Arbitration and Commercial Litigation.


Mr. MATSUBARA SADAO is Senior Legal Advisor in Real Estate, Banking, M&A, Labor matter and he also specialized in the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure of Cambodia.

YIN Lyhout

Mr. YIN handles a broad range of corporate matters including incorporation of companies, change of company’s shareholder and director, increase of capital of the company, change of the company’s address with the Council for the Development of the Cambodia, Ministry of Commerce and General Department of Taxation.

TRY Bakleang

 Mr. TRY was joined HBS Law as a Legal Advisor in October 2017, and currently he is a member of HBS Japan Desk and Real Estate, Energy and Infrastructure Group.