The Practice Group Aviation is responsible for, inter alia, the preparation, reviewing and execution of aircraft operating lease agreements (Wet and Dry Lease), the related conditions precedent documents and the issuance of legal opinions for various airlines in order to come to a closing on the lease of commercial aircrafts. Further, we liaise with legal counsels of lessors/lessees and the local aviation authority (SSCA) and provide legal advisory services relating to the local laws and regulations applicable to the aviation sector.


Prior to joining HBS Law, Mr. KOCADAĞ served as an associate and partner for various firms in the Netherlands, Lao PDR and Indonesia.

SAY Vareap

Before joining HBS Law, Mr. Vareap has worked in the oil and gas unit of the government for the past 7 years. As the Head of office, he was responsible for the internal process of formulating laws and regulations to govern the petroleum activities of the country.